Need help can someone help

The page speed was before 25 AMD even now after enabled Cloud flare the speed is almost same
moany improvements
Can some one advise here please?

Kindly, check here:

As far as I have tested, website loads fast.
Moreover, as seen in the source code you are using a Wordpress.
Are you using any cache plugin for your Wordpress site like W3 Total Cache?

<!-- This website is like a Rocket, isn't it? Performance optimized by WP Rocket. ... >

Due to the WP Rocket plugin, I am afraid that WP Rocket is not so-so compatible with Cloudflare.

Also, you are using AutoOptimize plugin for WordPress.

You have set cache control headers and other as far as I see for your static files which is a good way.

Have you already checked this?:

Moreover, some usefull information can be found here:

There are also usefull information when you run your Website through the Google PageSpeed tool or Lighthouse addon for Google Chrome. It points out directly the possible issues and links to provide an assistance how to fix them.

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