Need Help Because Cache Isn't Working

Even after enabling the cache and setting up a rule, I still get “Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy” when doing page speed insights. It isn’t showing that anything is being cached. What could I be doing wrong?

This, AFAIK refers to the TTL of your cache. Please change your TTL (Browser Cache TTL) here: to 1year and do not overwrite it with a PageRule.

I made that change and removed the page rule, but it still isn’t showing that the pages are cached.

Can you please share the website you are talking about?

I assume you are referring to this:

As you can see here, your website is using an intense amount of external resources. External ressources are not under your control, therefore you can’t change or reconfigur them. The only solution to this would be:

host all these ressources yourself under your own domains, which you are in control, then change the TTL to 1 year.

So this is not Cloudflares fault and your configuration does work, but you do not have the right/permission to change settings on domains you don’t own.

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