Need help adding A, AAAA, or CNAME (root) records

Ok, I now am beyond ■■■■■■■ confused with my nameservers!

Cloudflare nameservers are already set, so WHY do I need to change them to different CF nameservers!?

Also, I need help adding an A, AAAA, or CNAME (root) record (because I think that’s why it’s not resolving)!

So to summarize: I need help with 2 things.

  1. Changing my nameservers

  2. Adding a root A, AAAA, or CNAME record!

And this is NOT related to the Subdomain returns DNS_PROBE_FINSHED_NXDOMAIN topic (despite the domain being the same)!

So why is Cloudflare deciding to be a pain up my butt?

Did you transfer your domain from another Cloudflare account? That’s the only time I’ve seen the nameservers get mismatched like that. I’m not sure there’s a solution other than contacting support for that issue, if that’s the case.

If not, then you need to login to your domain registrar and point your nameservers at the ones provided to you.

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I don’t own the domain (@Neeraj_1 does)! I just manage it! Also, I don’t think the domain has been transfered!

Also, I started a support ticket thread already (for the false email relating to the nameservers)

Support ticket ID


Also, here’s a screenshot of the current DNS records

Even weirder, the site is active on Cloudflare!


Where did you get the information to set your nameservers to what they currently are for the domain in question?

Because you are managing them from the wrong account or because they don’t match the nameserver pair assigned when the domain was added to the current account.

Nothing in the account waiting on you to change your nameservers in the account you’re currently in is going to resolve until you set the nameservers to the pair associated with that account.

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They matched when I joined the account

So the missing A, AAAA, or CNAME root record has nothing to do with this?

Now that you’ve changed your nameservers to the correct pair… and the DNS record now resolves as well.

Odds are you have multiple accounts… don’t know what to tell you. Don’t have access to Cloudflare’s dashboard to see.

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It doesn’t resolve for me!

It’s only on 1 account!

You don’t have a DNS record for that, the only record you appear to have is for community.

You would need to add a record pointing to wherever you expect that to go.

So I need to add an A, AAAA, or CNAME (root) record for

So can I proxy the community (as well as the root domain)?

And which record do I add (A, AAAA, or CNAME)?

Is it just me getting the error?

Whatever is appropriate for the target your root record is supposed to point to. An A record points to an IPv4 address, an AAAA record points to an IPv6 address and a CNAME points to a hostname. You should choose the one appropriate for whatever server or service is configured to listen for requests for that host name.

And if misconfigured, it can lead to Error 1001: DNS resolution error or Error 1000: DNS points to prohibited IP correct?

Hang on, if the record has been accidentally deleted, won’t it be in the audit log?

I think I just found the culprit

I’ve re-added the record in the screenshot above!

Thanks! The cause was a missing record and the issue is now resolved!

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