Need help about DNS

hello, i have a domain and I have attached dns cloudflare But then I lost the license and now buy it back, but I don’t remember the cloudflare account attached to that domain, so now I can’t remove it, is there any way I can?

Just add the domain to a new Cloudflare account. In that case it will be removed from the previous one, just make sure you set the right nameservers.

  1. Log in to your Namecheap account

Remove these nameservers:… could you guide for me?

Yes, remove the old nameservers first and set them to the default.

Then add the domain to Cloudflare, after which you should get a new pair which you then assign again.

how to remove it, i don’t have any account name cheap and never use it

You need to contact your registrar for that. That is not Cloudflare related.

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