Need Godaddy SSL in cloudflare

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I purchased the SSL from GoDaddy, and installed on website but it shows SSL of Let’s Encrypt however it is expected to show as GoDaddy.

Can you please help me to show the required SSL on

Your GoDaddy certificate is installed on your origin server. This means that it is the certificate that is presented to Cloudflare when your hostname is :orange: proxied.

You can set the host to :grey: DNS Only and your vistors will connect directly to your origin server. This will remove the benefit of most Cloudflare features such as DDOS protection, WAF, and more., but it will show the GoDaddy certificate to your visitors.

Custom certificates are available on Business and Enterprise plans. That feature allows you to provide your own certificate for use in the Cloudflare proxy.

There is no difference in the effectiveness of a certificate issued by the Let’s Encrypt CA and one issued by GoDaddy. However, if it is important to you that vistors see the GoDaddy certificate, the two methods i described are how you can achieve that result.

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Thanks for your reply, Can you please help me which DNS record I need to set as DNS Only.

Which one do you want to show your GoDaddy certificate?

Some of third party who is doing API integration can not use Let’s Encrypt CA as it gets expired in a month. so they want us to provide certificate which will be valid for a year at-least, for that we purchase separate certificate for GoDaddy. I tried with making changes in A records but it’s affecting the performance as well as required result i.e. GoDaddy . I hope you got the required details now.


This one:

Your A record if I’m not wrong.

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