Need expert for resolve override on our page rules


I am looking to hire someone to help us set up a resolve override on our page rules.
Need to have specific subfolders pointing to a separate host site.
We have 2 hosts servers.
DNS points to Server A hosting
Resolve override points traffic going to subfolder to Server B

I posted on Upworks but no success… Anyone know of an expert who can do this?
I am told they need skills in “javascript/service workers”
Thank you


There is no need to use Resolve Override for that, since the domain is the same. Simply do a fetch to the other subfolder. It’s 5 lines of code.


What does a fetch do?


It needs to switch user to code on another server in ruby rails


That is the JS function to do what you need. Seeing this question I would guess the best bet is actually to hire someone that can do that for you as you mentioned before.

If you know JS use Workers to do that. Else hire someone, not here though, I guess it’s not the best place.


DM via twitter I could help you @adaptive


Thank you. I sent you an email.
Can I hire you to help me with this?