Need Expert Advice With CDN Hosting

Hello there,

I have created a website which is a design resources website where users can find design resources available across the world (Note it’s not a downloading site) we only provide links to the resources directly. Here are some similar websites to give you an idea:

I hope you have got an idea about what the website is all about.

I need help with CDN as it is a website which must be globally accessible without any lag, my website is a WordPress site and is currently hosted on Hostinger and we want to host the images of the website on Cloudflare CDN so the website loads fast and the website server is not
affected with the image storage.

Can you guys please help me out with a solution for this?

And also I have noticed that some of my competitors are directly hosted on Cloudflare CDN how does that work for a WordPress site?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks & Regards


What you are looking for is linked below. Which is our Cloudflare images product. I have included the documentation below for you.

If you have further questions regarding images please let us know. I have also included below our document detailing Cloudflare’s caching behavior.