Need Duplicate CNAME entries but Cloudflare won't allow it?

I have two sites: and

I am trying to add the CNAME s1._domainkey entries for both through the Cloudflare DNS dashboard so that I can use sendgrid email. It will not let me add additional CNAME s1._domainkey entries because it says it is a duplicate. I need one for each site according to my site host.

I tried to set up a separate cloudflare account for the site, but it says it is a subdomain and will not allow me to do that. My host provider says they are separate sites and not a domain/subdomain.

I don’t know how to resolve this. I have the CNAME s1._domainkey entered for the site, and the email works great. I don’t know how to get the CNAME entries added for

Duplicate CNAMEs are not allowed by the standards.

Use CNAME s1._domainkey.classes for (the other one you have set is correct as you have noticed)

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THANK YOU! You are absolutely my hero. It allowed me to add those and I am waiting for it to update so I can see if that has solved the problem.

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