Need Domains from Deleted SSO Account

So, I’m having an issue transferring my domains.

I had a Cloudflare account with a company I worked for and 3 domains I purchased ended up linked to the SSO account they set up for me. When I left the company, I attempted to transfer the domains to a new Cloudflare account, but they’re still linked to the old DNS servers.

My former employer informed me that my SSO account and related email were deleted and cannot be recovered. This means I have no way to even have someone who still works there help with the transfer.

So far, my email to Cloudflare support has only received an automated response. Is there a better way to get ahold of someone to help me? Or am I just stuck waiting until someone at Cloudflare gets to my ticket unless I want to upgrade my account?

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I see your ticket 2672802 with Support and see the agent is active on that. I have added myself to the ticket to monitor progress and will flag your post here for the attention of my colleague.