Need domain removed from old cloudflare account

We have tried configuring the Cloudflare service available via our Kinsta hosting but were unable to do so. KInsta support advised that we were getting a Cloudflare error 1016 due to the domain being in an old cloudflare account. We do not have access to the old account.

I tried opening a ticket with Cloudflare as advised by Kinsta, but Cloudflare immediately marked the ticket as resolved and told me to post here.

This is a bit frustrating as I’m sure there is nothing the community can do for me…Cloudflare needs to go into their system and remove the old account.

Although it’s not been 72 hours since I posted this, I don’t see how the community will be able to help me access an account that I do not have the credentials to and have never had the credentials to. This is something that requires Cloudflare support to do.

Can you please post the ticket #?

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Ticket: 2200959


I see your ticket and have added a link to this discussion. Sorry for the issues you’re facing.

Are you able to change your nameservers with the domain registrar from the current setting to the two assigned in the account you are using here? If so, that is the most expedient way to gain access to your domain, next would be contacting the person that set up your account on your behalf.

If you have lost total access to the original email address we recommend one of the following:

Our goal is to ensure the security and privacy of all our customers, including yourself. We apologize for any inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding.

But it’s with Kinsta now, and it sounds like they can’t override this with their Partner setup.

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We do have full access to all DNS settings, including the ones with Kinsta. We had gone through the Kinsta setup to use Cloudflare via their hosting, which is when we (with help of Kinsta support) discovered the existence of the old Cloudflare account…it resulted in a Cloudflare error 1016 when we made the changes to use Kinsta’s Cloudflare setup.

Long story short, we’ll do whatever we need to do to ultimately have Cloudflare via Kinsta.

We do NOT have access to the old Cloudflare account nor do we know the email that was used as it was not created by us.

Given all the above, how should we proceed?

Follow what cloonan posted above & you should have access to your domain shortly.

Hi, I 'll be undergoing a similar process (transferring a domain from one CF account to another)

sdayman has already explained the basics to me…as long as I can switch nameservers, I should be fine, right (I also don’t have direct access to the original CF account, my current host controls it)

trying to figure what I can learn from op’s experience? what should he have done differently?

It always boils down to getting the name servers from the WHOIS for your domain to match the name servers on your DNS page. If those aren’t in sync and functioning, then any other internal transfer will be a struggle. If you don’t control both of those, you’ve got some work to do, and it won’t be quick. Every name server change can take up to 48 hours.

Okay, so I now have the domain working in my new account with the NS change having already taken effect.

Referencing this link, I understand I need to wait 14+ days for the domain to be automatically removed from the old inaccessible Cloudflare account.

Ultimately, I need to use Kinsta’s Cloudflare setup. So, if I wait the 14+ days, then remove the site from my Cloudflare account via the dashboard, and change the NS temporarily back to my domain registrar, will that immediately (once NS change propagates) make the domain available to Kinsta for use with their Cloudflare integration?

Thanks for your help!

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