Need DNS help - deleted some, need back


I have recently set up my domain with Cloudflare, and i stupidly deleted the 2 DNS things that were there, anyway i can get them back as i need them, its now broke.,


Which DNS things? If you mean the nameservers, so you will find them in the control panel under your domain.


There were 2 records (i think at least one of them was A), and it said something like www, and the other said my domain i think,


You need to recreate them and enter the values you had earlier.


but i dont know them anymore.


Then you need to contact your host to have them tell you the right values.


If your Host doesn’t help or you want to view and document other historical DNS records, the tool below will help for everything except A records hidden behind Cloudflare’s proxy which should be the IP of the host. The SPF TXT record may indicate the Host IP as well.


Hi @adammcgrogan2005, sorry you’re having issues, are you able to pull any of the missing details from your audit logs?