Need correct spf settings to send to gmail addresses

Email from domain lucidaresearch dot org to any gmail dot com address routinely fails. Err msg from Google seems to identiy spf settings as culprit yet I have spf, dkim, and dmarc settings defined. Google doc not helpful.

Can supply details of my dns records if helpful.

Thanks for any help. I am by NO MEANS a specialist in this area.

  1. What exact error message do you see?

Although you have a technically valid SPF record set, it doesn’t mean that it is authorizing the actual IP address you’re sending the email from.

  1. What provider?

You are asking for DMARC reports to be sent to a address:

As there is no TXT record on that authorizes the deliveries for the rua= tag to be sent that way, your DMARC set up is NOT configured properly.

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