Need CNAME Setup Help!

Hi Everyone - my IT person is out on vacation for another 13 days, so I need help adding a CNAME. The client just signed up for a podcast service, and they have asked me to add a CNAME. Problem is, there is already a CNAME on the account, and Cloudflare doesn’t let me add it. Can you tell me what I can do?

The podcast company is asking to add:
CNAME www Automatic TTL

If there’s already record pointing to some IP, you cannot add a CNAME on the same label.

If you’re OK with redirecting all future traffic to to that podcast service, you simply need to click the X next to “www”, and only then add the CNAME.

If you plan to use BOTH www, and this new service, it will have to be on - and instead of adding the CNAME is ‘www’, you use ‘something-else’…

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