Need CNAME and A Name for

I have a domain in WIX which i’ve purchased mistake. WIX doesnt allow to update the Name servers. So, WIX support is asking for CNAME and A name to update in the WIX domain settings for me to point my to WIX domain.

Please help me.

The best option is to move the domain away from Wix to another registrar (Cloudflare, Namecheap, Name, etc.) then you are free to set nameservers and other records are required.

Thank you for the reply. But it will not allow to transfer immediately only after 60 days as per regulatory…

As per the Pages Custom Domain documentation

If you are deploying to an apex domain (for example,, then you will need to add your site as a Cloudflare zone and configure your nameservers.

This means there is no option to add an A record to point a domain to a pages site

You can use a sub-domain from non-Cloudflare DNS, quoting the documentation

If you do not want to point your nameservers to Cloudflare, you must create a custom CNAME record to use a subdomain with Cloudflare Pages.


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