Need Cloudflare to whitelist some ASNs


I hope someone can help, I don’t have an option to start a new post, so this thread was the closest open thread I could find. But if you want to move it to it’s own post that would be great.

I need Cloudflare to whitelist some ASNs for a product I’m trying to intergrate to our site. I have tried openeing a ticket but as we are or the product a direct customer of Cloudflare it autocloses.
My site is hosted on Zendesk but ZD were informed we had to contact you,

Let me know if you need my ticket number


Thank you for asking.

You could achieve it by navigating to the Security → Tools → IP Access Rules tab and then by adding each of the ASNs with the action “allow” for your website.

Kindly, share here so if there is a need we could escalate it. Thank you in advance.

Thanks for the quick reply
This is the ticket number: 2413328

I am not a customer of Cloudflare, Zendesk (who hosts my site is) - and they were informed that Cloudflare needed to allows these ASNs.

Longer description in the ticket with the back story as there’s 4 companies involed with this errors hence a bit confusing. But it’s affecting our organic traffic coming into the site as Cloudflare is forbidding Google (403 erro) to crawl our site as it’s hits SiteSpects cert first.


Cloudflare provides a set of tools (like the WAF) that their customers can use to control access to their sites. In this case, as Zendesk are the customer they have complete control over what rules they place on their account, and only ZD can make this change.

For Zendesk to say its Cloudflares issue is like somebody using a Cisco firewall, but claiming that the configuration of the firewall is Ciscos problem.

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