Need cloudflare SSL cert resissued Its broken

How do I get my cluudflare SSL cert reissued.?

It has actually become broken.

I cannot use Cloudflare at all. Only in paused. Having many SSL issues. SSL working fine when using origin server,

Not working in flexable or full either

I think something broke when I was testing load balancing.

Basically, Need cloudfare ti reissue.

How can I do this? Urgent.


What SSL errors are you seeing?

You can get a new universal SSL certificate by disabling and re-enabling it.

Yeah I was actually trying to find where exactly to do that

Can you point out where and how. Thanks

It will be at the bottom of this page


What exacrtly am I looking for.? This just brought up my sites lists

I have manually gone to this page, Edge Certificates

So are saying I select the bottom option? Which is disable uni SSL ?

Still waiting for confiormation on this.

The link he provided will take you to your list of accounts (if you have more than one), then your list of websites, then when you select a website, to the edge certificate page.

Just shut it off and back on to reset it.

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