Need cloudfare to release SSL certificate

We transferred our domain from Shift4shop store to Shopify. Apparently Cloudflare holds the SSL certificate. Even though, we have finished doing business with the previous Shift4shop 2 months ago, Shopify cannot provision a new certificate.
We have tried every avenue possible to get in touch with CloudFlare and that is proving impossible. Bot responses! We desperately need to have our SSL certificate disabled with CloudFlare. Can you or someone from your technical team please disable the SSL certificate for the domain name”.
Please let me know if you need any further information.


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Please ask Shopify to open a ticket with Cloudflare. They have an Enterprise plan with Cloudflare that includes a one hour response time.

And I’m sure they’re going to say oh no it’s cloud Fair they need to release the ticket…

I don’t know why they would do that. You can’t open a ticket. They can.

Ok, just to make sure, do I ask Shopify to open the ticket …they are the new platform that I’m trying to point my domain to, but Shopify claims the old platform that I was on (Shift4shop) whom apparently works with cloudfare as well, is still holding a Cloudfare SSL certificate…,so whom do I ask for release of the SSL?


It’s best to start with the old platform, but Shopify is a pretty high-power customer of Cloudflare’s and should have no problem getting Cloudflare to release your domain since Shopify can prove that your domain points to them in DNS.

See that’s just the problem Shopify told me to go to cloudfare and have them release the certificate,… so who’s who I’m just getting bounced around.

This is a copy of what Shopify technical support sent to me:

Our technical support team was able to identify that the reason for your domain not to work in Shopify is because Cloudflare’s DNS settings and SSL certificates in your account is taking priority over Shopify’s settings causing for it to never actually make it to Shopify despite having all your DNS records set up correctly.

And since this can not be resolved from Shopify’s side, it will need to be resolved directly by contacting your third party domain provider or Cloudflare for them to remove the old SSL/DNS configurations .

I have Enterprise plan support and just yesterday got a response a half hour after I opened a ticket. Piece of cake. It looks like that’s not an option for you, so if Shopify isn’t willing to open a ticket, I hope Shift4shop is willing to to use their Enterprise plan here to clear your domain.

p.s. What Shopify told you:

This is not accurate.

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Did you ever get your issue resolved? I’m having the same issue.

Yeah, finally , had to ask the last platform where I had my domain name to release any and all remnants of my domain name including the SSL,… and sure enough it worked.

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So shift4shop was able to release it. I’ve contacted them and put in a request. How long did it take them? I’ve been going in circles for a few weeks now.

Took about a day. Are you moving a store away from their platform as well?

Yes & it’s going on 3 day’s and still not resolved. They claim to have put a request.

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