Need Clarity on Pricing for Cloudflare Access

I am looking to use cloudflare access in my platform with google oauth, and I am confused whether cloudflare charges based on the number of users logged in through it based on teams pricing, or I wont be charged for that. I want to plan well in advance before deploying this/

Cloudflare for Teams charges on a per user basis, for example, if you had 5 users authenticated by google oauth, you would pay that price per user, until deactivated.

You can view the pricing for Cloudflare for Teams here

The free plan offers a max of 50 users for $0/month.

So, if i have 200 people login, i would charged $7 per person logging in to my service, on the standard plan, am i correct?

If all those users were on the standard plan yes. Each user would be $7 if their account is active. I’m not sure if you can mix plan as to say 50 users on the free plan and the remaining 150 on the standard, but someone else might be able to give insight.