Need assurance all caching can be disabled please

Hello Community!

I would really like to use specific Cloudflare services for our SaaS, namely DNS redirects, and SSL.

My developer has concerns about caching taking over and disrupting our dynamic website.

Upon signing up with Cloudflare, can I just use select services (SSL, DNS, page redirects) without ever activating any kind of caching? Or must I set up special rules to bypass our entire domain?

Many thanks for your help.



This should normally only be an issue with HTML and JSON files, which Cloudflare does not cache by default.

If your traffic is :orange: proxied by Cloudflare, which is necessary for your to obtain the benefits you want, Cloudflare will by default cache a number of file extensions related to static files, such as .jpg, .css, and .js. You can always create a Cache Rule to bypass cache even for those file extensions if your developer considers it necessary.

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