Need assistance with DNS settings; domain with cloudflare, webhosting with porkbun

Hi there - need some assistance please. Initially set up Cloudflare for CDN, then moved my domain to Cloudflare. All was working ok. I must have done something as I am getting a 404 from my hosting provider Porkbun when I try to access my site.

On the verge of just deleting the hosting account, going with new hosting and starting again.

Have run diagnostics and set up DNSSEC ok.

Am pretty sure I’m just doing something silly with how I have set up DNS but feel like I’m going around in circles.

Any help to trouble shoot would be appreciated.

Goal is to get access to my wordpress site, download it and migrate it to a new hosting provider, but currently can’t get in due to 404.

I have my NS in Cloudflare point to porkbun hosting.

Start by using “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the Overview page of It takes five minutes to take effect. Then see if it all works with HTTPS. Your SSL setting here should be Full (Strict).

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Paused, waited 5 and ensured HTTPS however still getting:

404 (002)
pixie proxy

Update: Just checked DNS and servers are still pointing to cloudflare, so will wait a few hours and check again to see if they point to porkbun.

Thank you for your assistance.

The nameservers will still point to Cloudflare, that won’t change. You just need to check if the domain resolved to your server IP rather than Cloudflare’s.

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Thank you. I’m confused as to where I do this now. Do I do it in Cloudfare or do I do it where I have webhosting?

edit - I think I understand. I checked in my Cloudflare DNS settings and they were still pointing to cloudflare, so I changed the IP to who has my hosting.

I meant on your device, you would check that your requests are not going through Cloudflare after you paused it.

If you still get the 404 then it’s definitely an issue on your hosting’s side.


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