Need annual billing

Hi I want to buy a new pro subscription with annual billing.
How do i go forward?
At some places I read that it is not available, whereas at some places I read that it is invitation only and we can request for an invitation about Annual billing feature enabled for our account.
Can someone from the right team help?
Thanks in advance!

As the other threads say, you have to ask via a support ticket. Try: billing AT cloudflare DOT com

Post the ticket # here and @laurie will probably keep an eye out for it.

Thank you @sdayman and @Laurie for the prompt response.
Here is the ticket # 2214476

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Your ticket has been replied to and the option to update your plans to annual have been enabled at this time.


Thanks Laurie and team for the prompt help.

I even made the purchase with the annual option. :slight_smile:

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