Need Advise, IP Address {redacted} Blacklisted by Spamhaus

One of the IP address {redacted} had blacklisted by Spamhaus. According to Spamhaus, the request to removal need to done by Cloudflare.

“Due to this listing’s technical nature, Spamhaus will only accept delisting requests directly from your ISP. If you require removal from this list, please contact your ISP directly, and ask their abuse team to contact the Spamhaus SBL team.”

How I can contact Cloudflare based on this issue?

This come up multiple time here. I would not worry as far as we do not use Cloudflare proxied (:orange: cloud) mode for our e-mail service (neither is it recommended and neither being compatible and neither working with proxied mode enabled as already mentioned in Cloudflare Help Center articles).

Kindly, to get more information about similar topics use :search: Search results for ‘spamhaus’ - Cloudflare Community.

There was a recent similar topic here:

Few more:

I am sure Cloudflare tracks that already and it’s on a way to fix the issue.

If so, two possible ways:

It looks serious : The Spamhaus Project - SBL maybe CF Team can have a look.

I am thankful for your concern, but again as stated:

We have to know the fact that there are a lot of Cloudflare IP and costumers, some with bad behaviour, some unintentionally being considered as a SPAM due to at least some factors of their Web applications or Websites, or WordPress getting malicious code and starts sending SPAM even while the domain is proxied and using Cloudflare, or Website being flagged as a malware, even with intentional to hide behide Cloudflare to do some harm to others (criminal activity) etc.

Furthermore, regarding your concern, may I ask does it affect your business or a Website (some say ther SEO too)?

Does not affect my business or website, I am only trying to help the user out.

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