Need advice on ssl cert for subdomain

Hi all,

I need some advice on an SSL cert. We have a domain in Cloudflare, say, and we are only using Cloudflare currently for DNS. Our domain has a different registrar. We have a multi domain cert through a different CA for a number of subdomains:,,

I have an Azure web app I would like to setup a binding to a cert. I’ve already setup the custom domain in Azure for using cname and txt dns types with Proxy Status set to DNS Only in Cloudflare, which works.

I now need an SSL cert. A coworker recommended a dedicated SSL cert but you can’t export the cert which I believe I need for the Azure custom domain. Is that correct? As part of our Cloudflare account we have a universal cert. I can create a Full (strict) Origin Server cert and use that on Azure. SSL/TLS is currently off in Cloudflare.

So the crux of the advice needed is:
Confirm I cannot use a dedicated SSL cert from Cloudflare for the Azure web app.
Can I turn on SSL/TLS encryption for the subdomain: I believe I can if I change the Proxy Status from DNS Only to Proxied on the cname pointing back to Azure.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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