Need advice on best approach to forward URL

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit new to CF; I need advice on best approach to forward URL

I need 2 things to occur:

a) I would like to do simple URL forward; the source could be either http or https in the form of and it just needs to go to (that’s correct, the target should always be https)

b) I would like any URL parameters specified in the source URL such as ?raram=value to also be forwarded to the target URL

How would you approach this?

Thank you

Possibly also including $1.

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Thank you @sandro The tutorial answers by part a) but it does not specifically say that it will pass any source parameters such as ?param1=value1&param2=value2 in the URL

Is that implied? Or would it not pass any parameters to the target URL?


That’s what the wildcard is for. The question is if you also want to pass the hostname to the second domain.

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