Need access to my website

My ex partner has a website agency. He has my website. I wish to be able to access the word press back ending panel which he doesn’t allow me to. I can’t copy my site due to cloudflare being installed …
how can I get assistance …I have spent lots of money with his agency but now he refuses to let me have back end access to the word press panel to correct mistakes and coding errors that are affecting the speed and performance of my website …

Unfortunately, Cloudflare can not provide access to anybody’s WP Admin. Sad to say, this is beginning to look like a legal dispute.

It is my website I have paid invoices for and my ex Defacto had cloudflare installed … can I request a transfer to a cloudflare account in an create and would that occur … I can provide dns and domain records

Silly IPhone …
I am basically been held hostage here … I just need to reclaim my paid for website … he is holding it against me as he refuses to leave my commercial building even with a deed of agreement . He was suppose to vacate last October … he also has numerous errors in coding which I can’t correct but could with access … would I need a judges decision asking Cloudflare to allow
Access to my own businesses website which I am a sole proprietor of.

If you control the domain registration, you can set up a new account here with its own name servers for your domain. Then update your registrar to point to the new name servers.

But that won’t give you login access to wp-admin if you don’t already have it.

Thank you for your email

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