Need a WAF tutorial

I am trying to figure out how to use WAF to secure an on premise application that would normally deploy behind my firewall and NAT access to it on DMZ allowing only SSL traffic to reach it. I am told WAF is a good layer of protection, but I still dont have a good idea of how Cloudflare works. I Am at the PRo level to get started, but the documentation does not make it clear how to get started.

Cloudflarer now has DNS for my domain, but i need to know what next step is. ARe there som videos that go through common scenarios?


Was the site accessible over SSL from the internet before you moved your DNS to Cloudflare?

You want to start with a working site before you add the Cloudflare WAF.

Have you looked at the Community #tutorial category?

Thanks. I am trying to figure this all out, but its starting to make sense. Once I got the app working I had to adjust some settings so it would work with the proxy as the app did not like the ip address changing but had other methods to secure the session.

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