Need a solution against DDOS-Attacks

Hello :slight_smile:

I am new to cloudflare and in general not really good when it comes to DNS ect…

I have a a Server which is running a few services.
TeamSpeak, GameServers, Webserver and a few more things.
The webserver is SSL encrypted as well.

Recently I have been getting people “advertising” that we have a new Domain and then ddosing us to make it seem we are really switching servers.

What would be the best option to protect us against these ddos attacks and still have a good ping/voip/ect…
I know that actually protecting it is gonna be hard, but I heard that there is a way to hide the ip address as well with cloudflare? Would that make any sense/difference in my case or what could you guys recommend?
Alkl this is mostly running over the main domain and not subdomains.
And I can’t really spend a fortune on this either :smiley:

Maybe you guys can recommend me a few solutions!

Cloudflare’s services are designed for HTTP/S. If it’s not HTTP traffic over the usual set of ports, you’d need a much more expensive solution (Spectrum).

Thanks for the reply.

Am I correct in saying that I would be able to hide the ip for all the ports/services but only ddos protect http/https with cloudflare spectrum?

Note that even if Cloudflare filters some HTTP/S ddos attack by default, it won’t do magic alone, you still need to take care of it and potentially mitigate attacks manually in some scenarios.

As for protecting the TS server, I would recommend voxility if you are on a budget.

As for your question, no, you would not be able to hide your TS server IP.

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