Need 4 domains removed but I do not have logins

I use plesk to manage my sites and a few years ago Cloudflare was enabled for the sites but for some domains which I had customers setup in plesk for the cloudflare accounts appear to have been created under their email addresses rather than mine as the host. I’m now stuck as I am migrating servers and the sites are breaking because I have no way to remove them from cloudflare. I will set them back up once they are cut over to the new host but at the moment I am totally stuck. How can I go about removing these sites out of the system - traffic is not even currently routing through CloudFlare as far as I can tell anyways.

Hi @ryan31, as long as you own the domains and can instruct your domain registrar to take actions for you, you can take over the sites. Add them to your current Cloudflare Account (+Add a site on the overview app), have your domain registrar change the name servers to the two that are assigned to your account. Once we detect the change, the zone will show as moved in the old account and will be added to the new account.

@cloonan The problem is the DNS is managed by the plesk server not Cloudflare, so if I follow these steps I get an error that DNS is not hosted by Cloudflare. If I then go delete the domain back out of my new account then I get the error that the domain exists in another account at Cloudflare. I stuck in a circular issue.

That does not sound like a cloudflare error, can you attach a screenshot of the screen you’re using to add the zone to cloudflare? Should look something like this:

It’s not in the CF panel it’s in my plesk panel with the CF plugin. Not looking to use CF for DNS, want to use it for speed improvements.

Hi @ryan31, thank you. I suspect you’re going to need to work through this with plesk. There may be other plesk users here that encountered a similar issue that can offer insight or a path of action.

Short of taking over the zone by adding it directly to your cloudflare account, I’m not sure what to suggest. (A thought: You could do this as a temporary step to gain control over the zones and then return them to a non-cf setup later.)

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