Need 1 pair of Cloudflare DNS for multiple Sites

i have 1 VPS server and approx 50-60 cpanels with 150+ domains including addons etc. suppose all domains are under my control i can change anything.

now i wanted to use Cloudflare as CDN with FREE plan for each of my domain,
Can i get only 1 pair of nameservers for all? is it possible for free user?
i don’t want to save list of random or multiple DNS etc. i just need Single pair. is it possible?
if YES then how to do that? if NOT then any alternative?
detailed answer would be best.


My ~40 domains all use the same pair of name servers, though I could have sworn that at one point I had one with a different pair.

That being said, users don’t have control over which pair they’re assigned.

If you’ve got 50-60 cPanels, then you really should be looking into the Cloudflare Partner program.

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okay so in partner program will i get this control? let’s say i have installed cloudflare on my server and allowed user to manage CF from cpanel, but they still need to make new account or can there domains will get single pair of DNS? as a partner

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