Nearly every page that I enter, I have to use captcha

Good day,

For the last 3 months I have been getting excessive amounts of recapatcha’s think of refreshing a page or loading an other page and getting another one. I have been using the plugin to try and combat it but i’m running out of tickets faster than i can gather them and it’s starting to get anoying.

Does anyone have an idea on how to check what can be the cause?

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Checked rep, no marks
No scrapers and no malware infected machines
Privacy pass runs out of tickets in 20 mins
No remidiation steps work and only machine is on and its checked and nothing is infected so i dont know what to do anymore

Are you using a vpn or proxy? what browser are you using?

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No VPN or proxy, browser is Vivaldi, the latest version which is based on chromium

Do you use any extension in Vivaldi? I checked, and it doesn’t seem to do anything special that would trigger the bot protection at first glance.

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Non which interact with the cookies but these are installed
Json Formatter
Ublock Origin
Dark Reader
Web Mail Adblocker (This one works on domain)
Add to Buyee
Privacy Pass

Have you tried disabling all your extensions?

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I doubt that any of these triggers the bot protection, do you face similar issues with recaptcha? (higher complexity, blurred/noisy images, etc)

If they block trackers, it’s quite possible.

Definitely, however, I checked all of them briefly, and I can’t see that being a behavior on them.
Ublock could do that; however, I use it myself, and I don’t experience that issue.

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Tried disabling all that block trackers even disabled Vivaldi’s build in blocking neither worked

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No excessive other recapatcha only the hcapatcha when loading the site

Even now thinking of just wiping the machine and see if it might have been the machine but I even ran Malwarebytes and it found nothing

Everything points out that the network you are in is compromised; it could be your PC or somebody you share IP with.
Note that you share IP with people in your house and in some cases, even with people in your local zone. ISPs do that to fight the lack of IPv4.

We are taking blind guesses from this point as it’s impossible for the community to tell what the problem is :sweat_smile: .

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Yea i know, i’m starting to think its my machine to at this point, its the only machine on my network outside my PI, going to wipe it next weekened to see if that was it.

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