Nearly every app i try in cloudflare is broken

So! is there never going to be updates on broken Cloudflare apps cause nearly every app i try in Cloudflare is broken. I’ve tried loads of them and 2 out of every 3 i try appear to be in a constant broken state.

Cloudflare Apps is unfortunately pretty much unmaintained and broken in some parts as it stands today. It’s something Cloudflare introduced a very long time ago, but as you’ve found, many of the apps simply do not work today as they’re not something directly maintained by Cloudflare. I don’t believe it was ever officially deprecated, but you can pretty much treat it as such.

Many of the apps you find there will have better solutions these days, so if you can share what apps or functionality you’re trying to add to your website, we can provide you with some more specific suggestions.


At first i was just trying to get the anti-adblocks working 100% of them failed, then i tried to get the facebook and Google apps working 85% failed yet 15% of the time it’ll load. I had a bit more success with the nav bars, 50% of the time i can get the nav bars to work, 50% of them are broken.
I do wonder what’s the point of advertising new features to deprecate old features, it would be like GoDaddy advertising their new server tech but had to wickerman their emails clients in the process :crazy_face: