NDS transfer

Hi! I have a problem with DNS transfer. I got an account in GoDaddy and I removed my domain to another domain provider. But DNS are still in Cloudflare (look at the pic). So my current domain provider can’t work with grand.gold.
I have to delete DNS from Cloudflare. Then my site could work normally. Guys, how can I solve this?

Hello there,

I see your site is experiencing the following error and the solution is added in the #tutorial

I understand. But let’s forget about the server. I don’t need this server anymore.
I need to link my domain name to another domain server. So I must detach DNS from Cloudflare firstly.
And only then I could transfer my site sucsessfyly.

Thanks for you answer, neiljay! Do you have any other ideas?

You may change the host server. You may remove the site from CF. If you are ready with another host, update the same in CF.

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