Nav Menu on html pages stops working until Cloudflare is paused


Nav Menu stops working when Cloudflare is on.
Clicking on the menu items does nothing. The drop-down selections do not drop down.

The menu throws the following error:
mbjsmbrfs5.js:10 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘appendChild’ of null
at ebmGenerateTree (mbjsmbrfs5.js:10)
at InitEasyMenu (mbjsmbrfs5.js:15)
at mbjsmbrfs5.js:15

However, when Cloudflare is paused, all works fine and there is no error.

Has any of you dealt with this, or similar, before?

Any tips or work-arounds would be appreciated.

Best wishes,



Sometimes, Rocket Loader stops certain Javascript files from working correctly.

Use the Speed settings page at Cloudflare and disable Rocket Loader to see if that helps.


sdayman you are a star! :slight_smile:

That worked well.
Thanks very much!


@daniel8 can you drop a line in to support with the URL where you saw this? I tested the homepage of your website(s) and I do see some errors but they are present without Rocket Loader enabled. If there’s additional errors with Rocket Loader enabled we’d love to take a look for you.


Hi Simon,
Will do that soon.
It would be good to know what you think about it.

Best wishes,



Hi Simon,

Where can I make a support ticket?

When I click on Support it links to a page with categories of support articles.

But the place to make a new ticket is very hidden!

May you send me the link for that please? J

Best wishes,



You can login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

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Just a note to say I’m closing this - I have an URL from @daniel8 so we can reproduce and we’re looking into it.