Native DNS lookup tool?



Curious why Cloudflare’s DNS Dashboard doesn’t have it’s own DNS lookup tool folks can use ?

Something like would be nice :slight_smile:


Heh… I suggested the same thing during my interview here. Short version of the outcome of the discussion: There are already some really good 3rd party tools that do this, if you (me) can think of something we could do that would be a significant value add beyond what those tools do we’ll consider it.

The best case argument I can make is actually that while there are plenty of good 3rd party tools, there are also some really bad ones and occasionally I have to explain to customers how/why $tool is wrong and point them to one that works correctly (especially around DKIM records).

I think there’s an internal feature request on the subject though so @ryan and I will +1 it. :slight_smile: If you have other feature suggestions around it, feel free to add… but no promises.


Yeah, I think this is the main blocker here - costly to replicate something that’s already out there. Now, if Cloudflare were to develop a suite of tools (like MXToolbox) that offered Cloudflare-specific features (such as speed-test comparisons with caching on/off, other feature on/off comparisons, etc.) then that request might gain more traction.

I do think it would be cool though if Cloudflare offered some network diagnostics on the Dashboard :nerd_face: :orange:


number 1 reason would be convenience and not all users know of these dns tools

you could add it as a submenu option on DNS dashboard so when you add a new DNS entry, there’s an option to test the DNS and it could do similar test to whatsmydns site when user clicks on it.

would also come in handy for cloudflare loadbalancer setups where geo steered traffic goes to different geographically located origin backends.

sort of an extension to suggestion at DNS Analytics extended to Page Speed Analytics?

being able to visually see the metrics and performance / latency between a request and response from each geographic region configured for origin backends in a geodns based load balanace cluster.


Not sure if Argo uses a different POP or routing path, but would be nice to have a brief latency value on a map, indicating latency from general POP to origin, for customers to choose opt-in Argo or not. :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree! Currently in beta internally and for a small set of ENT customers. I was very unhappy we launched Argo without it, but a v1 perf graph will launch soon and a number of enhancements are already in process for v2.