National ISP Blocking cloudflare IP's

Hi there.
I am from South Africa and one of our major national ISPs are blocking the cloud flare IP address. The ISP in question is Telkom
It is impossible to contact these guys as it is government run and nothing run by government works properly here.

Is there any way to change the IP address or any idea how I can get around this.

Any help will be appreciated

Do they only block the two particular IP addresses assigned to your account or Cloudflare in general? In the latter case Cloudflare couldnt do anything at all, in the former case they could assign a new address pair, but this is unlikely to happen.

It looks like they have blocked the two IP addresses assigned to my account.

I reverted back to my old DNS settings and looks like the matter is resolved however now I cannot use Cloudflare.

If other Cloudflare users site are using the same IP address that would mean they would also be inaccessible through this ISP which would cause major issues for South African customers.

Whats your domain?

Currently pointing at afrihosts name servers seems to share that address, can you access it?

I do not use Telkom, the ISP in questions so I would be able to access it. I do not know anybody except for my customers who use Telkom and I would not be able to ask them If they can access a random site.

I think we are losing track of the main issue. The problem has been isolated to Telkom blocking Cloudflare.

Is there alternative name servers I can use as the current ones I was given which are

If I change these would the IP address not change of my Cloudflare account.

It looks like I am going to have to try nd get some one from support to assist

Well, you claim that these addresses are blocked and that is what I wanted to verify. Otherwise it could be anything else.

No, there are no alternative nameservers but only those assigned to your account.

I have verified it already.
My customers that use Telkom ISP can access the site when I use my old DNS settings and they cannot when I use Cloudflare’s

I have done the tests and the leg work.

I have 3 Options.

  1. Wait for the ISP to whitelist Cloudflares details
  2. Stop using Cloudflare
  3. (Which you confirmed cannot be done) Get Cloudflare to give my account a different IP address or name servers

Unless there is another option

#2 is probably the most likely then.

Why don’t you contact Telkom and ask them to unblock CF IP’s?

You just get transferred from department to department, they have the worst service

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