NAPTR, DNAME, and reverse IP




I was planning to use the free Cloudflare DNS for a few of my domains, but I have found a few things that don’t work the way I’d need them to:

  • In the DNS config, I cannot add a DNAME record. DNAME is kind of like a CNAME record with a wildcard and allows to “rewrite” a domain to another.
  • I also cannot add a NAPTR record for SIP / VoIP telephony in the DNS tree

Plus, I’d like to have reverse DNS, too. I am only using Cloudflare for DNS, I am not using the Cloudflare proxy, so this should be possible. My hosting provider allows me to specify nameservers to delegate the reverse-IP-domain (in the .arpa-tree) to, but the Cloudflare DNS portal doesn’t allow me to add such a domain.

Are these three things possible somehow and I’m just making mistakes? Or are these not implemented in Cloudflare DNS?


I don’t think these records type have been implemented yet. I’m waiting for the OPENPGPKEY and TLSA DNS records myself. :smile:

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