Namesserves went back to old ones and now I can't edit it

When I signed up with Cloudflare for a free account, I had the option to place custom nameservers which we did for my website on kajabi. Without any notification from Cloudflare, the nameservers went back to the old ones and now I don’t have the option to change it. It seems only business account has that access now??

My domain name is on NameCheap. I changed the nameservers there but the issue remains with changing the nameservers on my Cloudflare dashboard. If I don’t have any other choice, I will migrate everything to NameCheap but I rather skip that if I could find a solution.

It seems very unprofessional to just change nameservers on someone’s dashboard and remove a service without any notification whatsoever.

Any advice/guidance/direction would be much appreciated.

Thank U

This has been the case for a very long time.

What exactly is Kajabi?

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