Hello I just got a new namesevers from cloudflare and been past 24 hours what suppose to do next any help would do?

Check that the nameserver setting is correct and in the right place at the registrar.

What is the domain?

What does this mean? Are you setting up a domain for the first time?

I got the domain from cloudflare itself

And no this not my first time

So how did you get the “new nameservers”?

Did you remove the site and added it again? Are you adding the domain to a different Cloudflare account than the one that registered the domain?

Something must have changed to cause a new set of nameservers to be assigned!

I remove my website by accident and when I add it again it gave me a new namesevers

Well, it’s important to include such detail when requesting support.

Open a Registrar support ticket so the Cloudflare Registrar team can fix this for you:

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I on the free plan I don’t know how to speak to a live agent

You don’t need to speak to a live agent. You simply need to submit a Registrar ticket as shown by @GeorgeAppiah. You can then share that ticket number here and we can track it to make he sure it gets resolved for you.

Ok support says it a dsn issue but I buy the domain from cloudflare it itself when to put in the Newnames server it gave me a error

Do you have a Cloudflare ticket number to share with us?


Thank you. I have submitted your ticket number in an escalation request. You should see a response here and on the ticket when it is being reviewed.

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