Nameserves not working

@sandro Just FYI - I cancelled my godaddy’s hosting, moved everything to my own server (with own IP address), changed Cloudflare’s DNS A Record to my server’s IP… and… - it’s still not working. I’m kind of lost. Now when I went to Cloudflare’s “Crypto” settings it says there’s some kind of internal error. I contacted support, and will see.

Can you post a screenshot?

I am afraid that might be the best approach at this time. Maybe there is something off with your Cloudflare account.

@sandro That’s it. I will wait for Cloudflare’s reply. I assume they won’t come sooner than tomorrow.

Thats only about origin certificates, but yes, thats needs clarification from Cloudflare IMHO.

Is there any progress in solving your problem?
I have almost the same situation: the site working only when CF filtration is paused and hosting provider says what there is no any block or limit to CF ips.

@ag1 Welcome to the club. The progress of this issue on my side - I cancelled GoDaddy hosting (I blamed them, but it was probably unfair… as the problem really doesn’t seem to be with them) and I moved my static page to my own dedicated server in a data center. The same error. That pesky 522 remains the same. So I asked CF support and they correctly pointed out that CF really simply is blocked (with TCP connection log)… right now - I’m awaiting answer from my data center if they don’t block or limit the CF’s IP addresses… maybe in the name of their own DDoS protection… so we will see… I’m becoming quite desperate because of this.

OK, so my data center provider where my dedicated server sits answered - they do not block, limit or filter any network traffic coming to my server. So the mystery continues. And it’s becoming weird… since it’s GoDaddy and now also my own server that can not be reached by Cloudflare. I really don’t know.

Hi @ivansivak, I took a look at the ticket with support and I can also replicate the issue on the origin when I bypass Cloudflare. When ssl in the SSL/TLS app is set to flexible, do you see the same issues?

The origin discards 2 of 3 tcp requests.
Looks like a rate limiting or something similar.

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OK guys, I got it working :slight_smile:

So what was the reason? When it comes to GoDaddy - it apparently really was something on their side. I don’t know what exactly on their side caused it (their cPanel settings looked quite ok) but it must have been something blocking the requests. Their Tech Support claimed they do not block anything, but… well… what can I say. At the end of the day, it wasn’t working.

Additionally, when it comes to hosting on my own server - the reason was that my new dedicated IP address was not added into Windows Server network Ethernet IPv4 addresses list. So it was not visible from outside and even “ping” was not working. I fixed it and now all is Okay.

Cloudflare - thank you for patience and help and keep up the great work.

Hm. And why did I get a response there?:thinking:

2 of 3 request were dropped or discarded. To be honest, I don’t understand… :crazy_face:

You are still hitting the Go(away)Daddy server though. @ivansivak switched to another machine and still experiences that issue if I understood correctly.


is my “old” GoDaddy IP address. Maybe they still somehow keep it alive but anyway… I cancelled everything and switched to my own dedicated server. It has a different IP address and is now working correctly.

So yes, apparently, GoDaddy was limiting or blocking CF traffic.

That was the missing piece. Now it makes sense :smile:

@MarkMeyer Yep, I didn’t have patience to wait and elaborate with GoDaddy (their tech support and even “tech lead” repeatedly claimed that they do not block or limit anything from CF) so I simply moved everything to my own hardware. And suddenly things work.


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