Nameserves not working

Hi there,

My website is being hosted on GoDaddy. Nameserves on GoDaddy have been changed to those suggested on my Cloudflare page, which in my case is:

brianna .ns .Cloudflare .com
sean .ns .Cloudflare .com

My A record in Cloudflare points to IP address provided by GoDaddy’s cPanel.

Everything has been working fine for months. Today, without any changes my site stopped working. GoDaddy’s support says that hosting is working fine (which is true… ping etc. all seems to be up and working). Cloudflare indicates there shouldn’t be a problem. But it’s not working.

My domain is and when I check DNS it points to which doesn’t seem to be IP of either brianna .ns .Cloudflare .com or sean .ns .Cloudflare .com.

Would you please have any ideas? Thank you.

Edit: Interestingly - if I pause the Cloudflare (Under Overview > Advanced > Pause Website) my website suddenly starts working.

Usually I would have advised to check out, however considering you wrote the quoted paragraph - and assuming you only paused it without any other change - I am not sure either of the solutions would apply.

Is there any chance your host could have possibly blocked Cloudflare’s IP addresses?

Thank you sandro. Good point. I just go through (as I also receive 522 sometimes besides the “good old” 502) and just checked GoDaddy’s cPanel’s security section. The list of blocked IP addresses is empty so I’m not sure.

Just to confirm it, when you paused Cloudflare - and the site started working - you didnt do anything else. You paused, waited until the DNS records updated to your actual IP address, and it started working?

From what I can tell it shouldnt be a TLS issue either, as Cloudflare returns a 502 on HTTP as well. Hence my best guess if there is some address blocked, but thats just a guess :slight_smile:

You wouldnt feel comfortable revealing your IP address here, would you? (my GoDaddy’s hosting IP address) :slight_smile: Thank you sandro. For me it also makes sense that something is blocking the request… I just have no clue what could possibly change.

I am not pretty sure but when i run a tcpraceroute to port 443 2 of three requests show a timeout

11 ( <syn,ack> 8.546 ms * *

It should look like

7 ( <syn,ack> 9.125 ms 5.079 ms 5.060 ms

It really is weird. When I do:

curl -Ik --resolve

…it returns HTTP 200. In web browser doesn’t work at all. 502/522 all the time. There really must be something blocking request coming from Cloudflare. I have no idea what :frowning:

It’s not even working with curl.
Can you ping Cloudflare IPs from your server?

I bet it will work, it’s just to start the network basics.

I also noticed that there is a ‚connection: close‘ in the response header when I access your ip directly. I am not sure if this could be a reason. I asked around but didn’t get any answer yet. I missed the HTTP lessons in elementary school :joy:

Going straight for 160 you cant get a response either? I just tried it and it seemed to have worked, but still no luck via Cloudflare. I’d say this would warrant a support ticket at this point. I guess they could find out whats going on here between the two parties. Routing issue?! @cscharff, could you run a quick trace?

My assumption would be that shouldnt affect it. That header dates back quite a while and only indicated whether the connection should be reused for other requests or not.

Though I am a bit confused :slight_smile: you said curl wouldnt work, but you get back a response. Did I miss anything? :confused:

Sorry. To clarify

curl on throws back a 502 or 522 (aka ‚doesn’t work‘ :sweat_smile:)

curl directly to the host gives a 302 with the mentioned ‚connection close’ within the response header. Sometimes just a 200.

The same appears in the dev tools. 302 but you will be redirected to / in a second request opening a default page. „Future home of blah…“. About 1 hour later there was just a 200 as response. Not cached.

No need, just often confused that early in the morning :slight_smile:


Did you request it with the right Host header? In that case I always get a 200 and no connection header. A request just to the IP gives a 302 to root again.

Thats because it went straight to the plain IP without the host, right?

@sandro @MarkMeyer really thank you guys. I appreciate your help.

I’m running out of ideas :slight_smile: Do you think I can contact Cloudflare’s support? Haven’t found any of their support email here…

Yep, mail them at support[at]

Thank you. I just sent them email. Let’s see if they can help. Once again thank you guys for help.

@sandro currently I’m on GoDaddy’s online chat support… trying to explain them. Ughh. You can imagine

I feel you :laughing:

When it comes to Godaddy my general advice is: run, run fast :wink:

Have you heard back from Cloudflare?

@sandro Yeah, it’s unbelievable… after two hours trying to explain them on GoDaddy and delegating to their tech leads they just answered this: “This seems to be your customization and unfortunately we cannot help you in this”. Thanks.

I sent email to Cloudflare’s support if they can help identifying the root of the problem or give me something so I can show it to GoDaddy. In worst case I’m gonna have to leave GoDaddy

Just moved the discussion to the original thread :slight_smile:


Not sure I called it “worst case” :wink:

@sandro Any recommendations to some good hosting? :slight_smile: it’s just my compiled static ReactJS front end app… JS+CSS+HTML+Images I need to host somewhere (I don’t want to have it on my dedicated WebAPI server as that’s truly just for REST calls). Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry, last time I used shared hosting was around the time when web 2.0 slowly became a thing :slight_smile:

If it is all static maybe even the free plan of could work.