Nameservers working or not?

Hello guys! How is going?
Just wondering if I use Cloudflare registar for a domain, than I point that domain to an A record with IP(server 1), and than I add a Nameservers in the DNS page (server 2), will cloudflare read the htaccess redirect instructions hosted in the server 2 ? Or it only care of the A server setup?

Thanks a lot

If you use the registrar service you can’t add any nameservers in the first place, as these are locked to Cloudflare’s in that case. Unless you are talking of actual sub-domains.

What’s the domain and what exactly do you want to achieve? Also, any webserver redirections are not really related to DNS.

So CF will ignore the NS for a website that is registered with them?
Ok, so the only why is to point the site to server 2 and apply a redirect in the htaccess to point that domain to an IP address to server 1


If you have a domain registered with Cloudflare its nameservers point to Cloudflare and you can’t change that. All you can do is delegate a sub-domain.

If you want to point something to a server, that is not nameserver related but you need just a regular A record.

Again, what’s the domain and what do you want to achieve?

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