Nameservers working, but A records are not correct

I am having trouble with DNS. The nameservers are all updates to Cloudflare, but the A records are showing the wrong IPs.
the website is and in my Cloudflare Dashboard I have two A records - and

Yet the DNS lookup is showing these
I have no idea where those came from. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this issue or direct me to a solution?
Thank you!

Not that this has not been already addressed a million times :wink:

Thank you Sandro! If I turn off the proxy, will the SSL still work on the domain?

Of course, because you still have a certificate on your server, right? If not, then your site is not secure in the first place.

What I am trying to do, is I have a website at which is the hosted website. It has an SSL installed and working great.
The business has an alternate domain which I am trying to set up as a forward, but when anyone googles System 4 Southern New England, they get the old https:// urls which are not working. I was told to use Cloudflare to point the domain and use their free SSL. I am definitely doing something wrong. I am now getting the Error 526 when I go to

So you just want to redirect that domain to the other?

Yes, but need the old urls to forward as well.

In that case you don’t need a certificate on your server but you actually don’t need anything on your server as you can handle that all on Cloudflare alone

And yes, it needs to be proxied.


Thank you!

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