Nameservers won't change

Hi everyone I’m trying to change the nameservers of my domain but my registrar says that changing them it gives an error like this: - RESULT: FAILED
(Nameservers list [,] different from NS Records: [,]) - RESULT: FAILED
(Nameservers list [,] different from NS Records: [,]) 

Most likely the same issue as DNS Changes - Nameserver Errir: 118 - Inconsistent set of NS RRs.

Thank you so much. I do have another account on Cloudflare but with another email and my website is not added.

Which is the domain you want to add and which nameservers does Cloudflare give you?

My domain is
The name server they gave me are:

Cloudflare currently announces john and linda, so your domain is likely already configured on a Cloudflare account with these nameservers. Do you have such an account? If you do, simply use that account. If not, you’d have to proceed with the other steps suggested.

I don’t have. What should I do?

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