Nameservers with domain email

Hello mates,
i’m thinking to put another website in Cloudflare but in that domain, i use the emails with domain name, and my host tell me if i do that i can have issues with the email. This is real?

I already have one website in Cloudflare and works fine, but i don’t use domain email, i only use gmail.

Thank you!

There shouldn’t be an issue, assuming your host does not drop your email configuration if you use different nameservers.

Which domain is it?

Hello mate,
the domain is this:

Thank you!

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That domain is currently using to receive emails. As long as you make sure that is also configured on Cloudflare, there shouldn’t be any issues. Assuming, of course, your mail provider does not drop the service.

What did your host say could be an issue?

for example, for the domain i use Cloudflare but i don’t use email of the domain they told this:

Dear Customer:

Following your communication, and in accordance with your previous support requests, the madeira car booking .com domain presents Nameserver’s referring to an external entity

Name Server: DANA. NS. Cloudflare. COM
Name Server: WEST. NS. Cloudflare. COM

The email/shipments via Hosting service, in order to function correctly, must have our Nameserver’s in mind, as well as the MX record, given that the shipments must be authenticated via the domain email account.

If you want to rectify the situation immediately, go to your customer area > Domain "madeira car booking .com > Domains & DNS > DNS Configuration > Modify DNS servers.

With this change, you will be able to manage the domain’s DNS from the Amen panel.

They said this because I went to complain that I hadn’t received any reservations that day, nor any emails coming from the contact forms, although I entered the admin panel I could see the reservations. I ended up getting it at the end of the day. This happens from time to time, and in this case I don’t even use the domain email.

Regarding the main subject, they only told this:

“In accordance with your request, I inform you that the Amen PT e-mail service only works with the nameservers, if you change them, we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the service.”

That’s precisely what I was referring to.

If your host requires you to use their nameservers, you won’t be able to use Cloudflare, respectively, you could only sign up for a Business plan and use a CNAME setup. But that is something you need to clarify with your host.

Otherwise, if you can use any other nameservers, you only need to make sure the MX record is properly set and you will receive your emails.

Essentially, your Cloudflare configuration needs to reflect your host’s.

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