Nameservers updated but cloudflare weirdly avoids it

Its already done. Then I deleted the domain and tried adding it again but its saying to remove its own NS and add it again!

What’s the domain?

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I remember few times, depending on the domain name interface provider, I have had to specifically click on the “round” checkbox first to use custom nameserver rather than “provider’s default one”.

Then enter the custom/new nameservers (which Cloudflare provided me), and therefore click on the “apply” or “save changes” button as the final step to apply the nameservers to my domain.

Maybe it could also be the case here.

And if I may add just a notice as some interfaces could have, watch out if you have an option too where you actually could add the Cloudflare nameservers under the “personal/private nameservers” instead of under the “custom domain nameservers”.

Maybe TTL is long, so, you have to wait a bit longer than usual?

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I just don’t see any typos, but if I had to fix this myself, I’d hand-type it in at my registrar.

It’s also behaving like sreeni wasn’t added. Give a try and see what shows up.

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The domain actually is a freenom free domain. When I did a NS lookup, it showed this.
So pretty sure NS are updated in the registrar.
Feels like cloudfare blocking from the registrar or smtg?
Because 1st time the domain where the registrar ns was in default didn’t show up.
It said :

Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of domain at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later.

Then on another trial with cloudflare ns it found but the ns is not recognised.

There have been problems with Freenom domains before. NS records aren’t always reliable, but WHOIS lookups are easier to verify.

That Lookup error can also mean that while NS works, there are no DNS records returned.

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I g there is no such thing as personal ns here but previously, I have other domain added a year before from the same freenom registrar which works perfect.

Okay. anyways I took the whois search which says:

PS: SOA record i g automatically came as I didn’t give and not aware of it much
But still its weird why cloudflare asks to change its own domain.
Anyways, is there a solution or I should just retry with fingers crossed?

That still doesn’t look like WHOIS. Those are DNS record types (SOA and NS).

I think it’s just not very intelligent. It sees you don’t have the two required name servers, so it says to remove whatever it sees and replace with the two that are assigned.

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Oh sorry.
The WHOIS record search for all freenom free domains will be unknown (as it has some funny ID shield)
Even the WHOIS records for my working free domain is also unknown.
And yep I get what it does! :stuck_out_tongue: .

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Ok. So I guess Ill wait for some more hours and if not try again and update it here.
I guess there is no other way.
Thanks for all the members who supported!

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I retried all the processes from first and it worked.!

Thanks guys!
But still problems exists w.r.t freenom domains i g.