Nameservers update problem in .nl domain with Godaddy

I was using domain with cloudflare before. I opened a new CF account and want to move it there. but i can’t update new nameserver addresses in godaddy.

The nameserver addresses I used first CF account.

  • alex.ns.cloudflare
  • sue.ns.cloudflare

godaddy accepts them.

But, it does not accept new ones.

  • cosmin.ns.cloudflare
  • paris.ns.cloudflare

.com extensions I’ve had to delete because I’m new.

I created a CF support request, but it has been over 2 days and there was no response. what can I do?

Does it give you an error when you try to add them? Those NS seem to be correct.

I contacted the godaddy support team. They say that the nameserver authority problem. I need technical support from CF.

Correct, Cloudflare support needs to manually switch the NS served by Cloudflare. Usually it’s not needed for .com domains, but GoDaddy is still GoDaddy… Yeah, didn’t realize it was .nl, @cloonan below is correct.

Post here the ticket number, maybe @cloonan can take a look and push it along.

@cloonan can you help me?
my ticket number #1874119

Will chase it down, suspect this an issue with European registrars needing valid name servers when changing nameservers. Suspect the domain was once active on another account. Can you share the domain name?

Maybe it’s this…?

It doesn’t seem to be announced at all by Cloudflare. Also, since it’s now on a non-Cloudflare NS, delete it from the old account and add it to the new one, in that order. It should work.

I have already deleted it from the old cf account. I then added it to the new CF account.
but I couldn’t update it with the new nameserver addresses given by CF.

Suggestion, which may not work as I never found myself in that situation, but delete it from the new one, wait a couple of days and re-add it back. If Support replies in the middle of this follow their guidance.

Thanks @matteo

I deleted the domain from CF. I added it again, but the result is the same.
now I deleted it again. After 2 days, I’ll try again.

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Normally Cloudflare’s purge time is 7 days, but actively deleting it may lower it… you might never know. Also, since @cloonan got the ticket number now, it may be quicker to wait for support.