Nameservers to be removed by Cloudflare or changed to my host provider

I purchased my domain from VISTAPRINT then cancelled with them and went to HOSTGATOR so vista got angry and came up with a ServerTranferProhibited status so i cant move my domain then it was resolved and they said everything is ok and HOSTGATOR said the transfer was successful but my Nameservers are now at Cloudflare and it it wasn`t even me who put that nameserver and i would like to remove that totally and be able to put my own nameservers if possible please help.

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What’s the domain?

That domain is not registered with Cloudflare. If you want to change the nameservers you will have to contact your registrar, however changing them shouldn’t be an issue. Just transferring might be if you transferred the domain only recently.

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The transfer from VistaPrint to Hostgator is already done. Every time i talk to one of them they said they other should change it and now today they said cloudflare can remove their nameservers so Hostgator can put the correct ones for me.

Cloudflare cannot do anything as they are not the registrar. You need to contact your current registrar. This is not Cloudflare related I am afraid.

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And correct me if I am wrong my registrar is the one that shows in the ICANN LOOKUP page?

Yes. Inc. currently.

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Thanks for the help

Sure. The status in question could be either because you transferred recently or because the domain is locked (in which case you can typically unlock it), however for details you need to talk to the registrar.

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