Nameservers stuck on "Pending Nameserver Update"

Nameservers stuck on “Pending Nameserver Update” more than 48 hours after Nameservers were changed to the Cloudflare ones. Registrar shows active Nameservers as the Cloudflare ones yet Cloudflare doesn’t recognize it. Domain:

A whois lookup for that domain returns

The domain you requested is not known in Freenoms database.

A dig for the nameservers returns nxdomain and DNSSEC Analyzer - doesn’t appear to indicate it is a valid domain. So you will want to speak with your registrar.

That is just straight up false. WhatsMyDNS shows that my domain is already partly live on Cloudflare’s nameservers. Cloudflare says that it’s still on an entirely different company’s nameservers.

Ok. Well I am only a volunteer in the community with > 30 years of experience in managing internet related resources. If you are unhappy with my answer perhaps you can watch a video and figure it out yourself…. or something.



Exactly what I said. Some resolve correctly and some don’t. I’m trying to find the cause for this. I deleted my replies because they sounded too upstuck when I didn’t mean them to.

I’m pretty sure most WHOIS services don’t support .gq domains. It most definitely is a valid domain.

I’ve decided to just create DNS records on the registrar itself, thanks for your time.

Feel free to do that.

Note that if you use a registrar from DNS Cloudflare cannot:

  • protect your site from DDoS attacks
  • proxy your site via a CDN for speed benefits
  • provide any other benefits, including Image Resizing, Workers, Pages, etc.

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