Nameservers STILL not pointing to Cloudflare

Help please. I’ve followed the steps carefully, and been round and round in the community trying to find a solution, but my Nameserver change is still showing as pending – even though my registrar records and several DNS tools show the NS records as the correct Cloudflare ones.

The site is hosted by Yola, the domain is, and here’s a screenshot of the current details with the registrar.!

DNS Details|690x405

You made the usual mistake.

You didnt change the nameservers but created two NS records at your host instead. You need to do the former, not the latter.

Okay. So how would you explain the difference between doing the former and the latter? As far as I’m concerned, I opened the the two resource records in Plesk, made changes and applied them.

If you can tell just by looking, Plesk can’t be using the usual English language definition of "change’!

I dont understand your question. You simply made the wrong entries. As I said, you must not add two NS records at your host but you have to change the nameservers associated with your domain at your registrar.

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