Nameservers still need to be added will my website go down after I added website DNS

I added my website to cloudflare but have not added the nameservers yet will my site go down while I wait?

Also I added my hosting DNS setup to cloudflare for when I do change the nameservers will I experience down time?

Im new to this so I would appreciate the help.

If you’re talking about setting your name servers where your domain is registered, then nothing is going to change. Please be aware that you can use only the two name servers that Cloudflare assigned, or Cloudflare won’t finish the activation. In that case, your domain will be in a limbo state that might not work well. Read on…

Your DNS setup: Your Cloudflare DNS records need to be a perfect match of what you currently have at your host. If you do that, and properly set your name servers, you should be golden.

One extra suggestion just to be safe. Leave all DNS entries set to :grey: DNS Only. This will make Cloudflare somewhat transparent during the transition, but it’s a good way to make sure your first step goes smoothly and isolate any potential problems. An hour or so after Cloudflare says your site is Active, you can :orange: toggle your website’s DNS records. This is typically any record that is not mail related.

If you want any more assistance with a preflight check, post a screenshot of your current DNS records, but black out any IP addresses for security.

Hi as you can see I did not proxy the DNS my website is still working.

I am waiting for the registrar to add the cloudflare nameservers might take a few days as they are based in another country.

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That looks mostly good, and now my thoughts:

  1. Your autoconfig CNAME points to a different domain. I usually see it pointing to your own domain. I could be wrong, but if it’s working, then…great.
  2. Opencart looks good, but if you :orange: Proxy ‘www.opencart’, you’ll run into the error I’ll link to at the bottom of this message.
  3. Clouflare only proxies websites. In your next steps when you :orange: Proxy your website, leave the following as :grey: DNS Only: mail, ftp, imap, pop, relay (most likely), smtp. I’m not so sure about Autoconfig.
  4. When you leave those entries as :grey:, you’ll get a :warning: warning that some hostnames expose the IP address of your origin server. This is normal, since you have non-website services on the same server as your website, so Cloudflare won’t be able to hide those IP addresses.

At this point, when the name servers change, I do not foresee any immediate issues.

Thanks you have been a great help.

I will monitor the website and see if anything changes

Thanks alot!

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